5 Reasons Why Korean Pop Music is taking over the World

 5 reasons why Korean pop music is taking over the world

Korean pop music, or K-pop, is taking over the world right now. Although it’s been growing in popularity for years, 2017 was undoubtedly the year that K-pop broke into the mainstream consciousness as one of the biggest and most popular genres of music around, with more and more people looking to emulate their favourite stars through fashion and dance. Here are five reasons why K-pop has become so popular all over the world.


K-Pop songs are catchy

How many times have you heard a song on your local Top 40 station, liked it, then forgot about it two weeks later? You probably hear plenty of those types of songs each day. So why are k-pop songs so sticky? Chalk it up to the catchy melodies and hooks that are so universal they’re seemingly immune to cultural differences—and maybe a dash of good old fashioned luck. And while you might love or hate an artist’s debut single, more often than not you come back for more, simply because you can’t help yourself from singing along to another track. New artists release new tracks on a regular basis (sometimes multiple times per week) which keeps fans hooked because there’s always something new and interesting coming down the pipeline.

K-Pop singers have great voices

Korean singers train for years and are known for their unique vocal abilities, from sharp raps to smooth crooning. It’s a breath of fresh air when compared to American pop singers whose squeaky voices sound like nails on a chalkboard. The group BTS’s members are also skilled dancers who don’t rely on autotune or pre-recorded dance tracks as backup. Despite being one of South Korea’s most well-known groups, they received international attention with their album Love Yourself: Tear released in May, which features hits such as Fake Love. The single quickly topped iTunes charts in more than 70 countries and debuted at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 chart.

K-Pop videos are amazing

One of the secrets to K-pop’s popularity lies in its videos. You can watch several K-pop videos for free on YouTube, which allows you to enjoy them on your own time. For example, if you love a group like Super Junior, all you have to do is click and start watching. And even if you don’t speak Korean or understand anything that’s going on in these high energy dance numbers, it doesn’t matter. The choreography will still get your blood pumping and help pass time in a unique way. If you find yourself mesmerized by some of these videos, it might be worth investing in some concert tickets and seeing some of your favorite bands live.

It’s an escape from everyday life

You don’t have to speak Korean or have any knowledge of traditional South Korean culture to be able to enjoy K-pop. The upbeat tempos and bubbly melodies are enough to entertain listeners, and many find themselves tapping their feet or dancing along during a performance. The group BTS, for example, has made appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and performs at sold-out arenas all around the country. K-pop can bring people from different backgrounds together through its unifying themes of youth, beauty, independence and future ambitions.

K-Pop is diverse

Unlike other genres of popular music, K-Pop encompasses a wide variety of musical and performance styles. You’ll find idol groups, hip hop artists, ballad singers, indie rock bands and techno DJ’s. With so many musical choices fans can create a unique playlist that fits their individual tastes and needs. This diversity also provides listeners with an endless amount of content to explore. There are just as many ways to enjoy K-Pop as there are songs to listen to!