Best Online Learning Platforms in Bangladesh to Help You Ace Your Studies!

Learning App in Bangladesh

Learning from the comforts of your home? Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Well, it does, especially when you’re on tight deadlines and don’t have time to go anywhere else. Learning app in Bangladesh and online learning platforms in Bangladesh can help you with that, whether you want to polish up your English skills or prepare for upcoming JSC examinations! Here are some of the best options you can try out!


E Learning Platform in Bangladesh

Academic Superstars

Sometimes, you’re stuck with a master’s degree but you need a bachelor’s degree. Or maybe you have your bachelor’s degree and are looking for something more practical. Either way, there are great options out there to help you get a bang for your educational buck. As another alternative, consider using an online platform like Academic Superstars which has been recognized as one of South Asia’s top startups by Microsoft and Google over the last two years. Though based in Dhaka and launched only last year, Academic Superstars has already revolutionized how students prepare for exams—and also gives them access to world-class tutors over live video chat at prices that don’t break bank balances.

Online Learning Platforms in Bangladesh

Brac eLearning


The world has entered an eLearning stage. Most of us have come across such kinds of platforms that provide free or low-cost educational contents which are not only relevant but also provide lots of information on one subject. If you’re looking for such an eLearning platform, Brac’s eLearning is your best choice. Whether you want to study English or Mathematics, business or science, they offer lots of educational services like video lecture online (ELS), printed material online (PEM), speech and language therapy training services etc. They even have interactive learning activities for children who can enjoy learning with games and more fun. Their services include distance learning courses for both adults and children starting from basic education levels up to PhD programs too, although most courses are designed for vocational training purposes.

Online Teaching Platforms in Bangladesh

Modern Education System

The education system has dramatically evolved over time, but one thing that remains a constant for all students is having access to a quality education. At one point, getting an education simply meant going to school in your local neighborhood; now, you can educate yourself from anywhere in the world. So what options are out there? The following educational platforms aim to help students achieve success by providing courses with teachers and curriculum tailored specifically for their learning needs. Take some time and check out these fantastic educational websites! It’ll be time well spent.

Apps for Education



If you have a desire to learn, Udemy is your best choice. This online learning platform provides high-quality courses that are taught by experts and professionals, who are recognized worldwide. The courses on Udemy are designed with a structured approach and verified content from industry experts. Students can join free webinars or purchase educational videos or pay for live classes to get an interactive experience. As an added bonus, students can earn certificates for each course they complete on Udemy with no additional cost.

Educational Website in Bangladesh



Although edX has grown at a slower pace, it has a higher number of courses offered—including complete degree programs from elite institutions such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. This open source platform offers more than 1,000 courses on anything from law and biology to finance and computer science. In addition, there are plenty of tutorials for developers seeking to sharpen their skills or try out new technologies with practical projects. The organization is supported by institutions that are part of edX’s Global Institutions Consortium (such as Berklee College of Music) that support its efforts through cash contributions and/or course sharing.