Beyonce’s Net Worth Will Make You Question Everything

Beyonce Net Worth 

If you’re as obsessed with Beyonce as we are, then you’ve probably wondered how rich she really is. Her net worth certainly isn’t the lowest in the music industry, but it’s not on the same level as some of her fellow superstars. So what does that mean for you? In other words, should you follow in Beyonce’s footsteps and start a lucrative music career?


Why We Love Beyonce’s

She’s gorgeous, talented, successful and worth $350 million. It’s no wonder why she’s consistently voted as one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Women and was named No. 1 in Complex Magazine’s Hottest Female Singers of All Time. She has an impressive 30-year music career which began when she formed a girl group with her three best friends back in middle school. Since then, Beyonce has gone on to sell over 75 million records worldwide—more than any other female artist in history—won 22 Grammy Awards (the most by a female solo artist) and launched her own clothing line House of Dereon.

The Impact Beyonce’s Has Had on the Music Industry

In 2009, Forbes named Beyonce one of its 100 Most Powerful Women in Entertainment. At just 32 years old, she is one of only eight female artists in history to be inducted into Billboard’s Hall of Fame. But what’s most impressive about her career is that she has done all of this in an industry where it’s much harder for women to succeed. In a 2013 study by Dr. Stacy L.

How Did Beyonce’s Do It?

Bey’s fortune is incredible. From endorsements to personal business ventures, Beyonce has managed to grow her net worth over time. Her music career alone has earned her millions of dollars in royalties but that’s not all. She’s also brought in money from beauty deals with L’Oreal and House of Deréon. But it’s really when you add in her tour sales, clothing line, and other endorsements that you can start to see why she’s such a successful businesswoman today. One look at Forbes’ list of 100 highest paid celebrities will leave you shocked by how much your favorite celebrities are making every year.

Where Did Beyonce’s  All That Money Come From?

There are tons of numbers flying around about how much Beyonce is worth. She reportedly earned $40 million in 2016 and has a net worth of $400 million. But where did all that money come from? While she’s making major bank off her music, touring, and endorsement deals, most of her net worth actually comes from non-musical ventures like clothing lines and partnerships with big brands. Beyonce has released four fragrances since 2009 (including one collaboration with H&M), launched a hair care line with Clear Scalp & Hair in 2011, and became a co-owner of restaurant group Mas Tacos with husband Jay Z in 2012. And it doesn’t stop there!

How Did Beyonce’s Invest Her Money?

From a young age, Beyonce began making smart financial moves. Even when she was a teenager, she was earning money from her modeling gigs and had part ownership in an upscale restaurant in her hometown of Houston. It’s no surprise that Beyonce earned $62 million last year—mostly because she has great business sense. She partnered with L’Oreal to create their Feria haircolor line and established a lucrative clothing line with her mother, Tina Knowles. The company is called House of Dereon, but it also released fragrances as well as jewelry. In 2013, Beyonce set up Queen Bee Productions where all of her music videos are produced and controlled—allowing for maximum profit.

What Is Beyonce Worth Now?

Beyonce Knowles has made a career off of singing, acting and generally being a badass. According to Forbes, she ranks No.1 in female earnings with $115 million per year. With accolades that include multiple Grammy Awards and an Emmy Award, it is easy to see why she is so loved. She recently topped Billboard magazine’s list of highest-paid women in music for the fifth consecutive year with $60 million earned between June 1, 2016 and June 1, 2017. That sum accounts for her album sales (she has released five solo albums), ticket sales from her Formation World Tour (which grossed over $256 million) and endorsement deals with PepsiCo’s Kendall Jenner ad campaign for her company Parkwood Entertainment to name a few sources of income.

Should I Invest Like Beyonce?

The Queen Bey has a reported net worth of $300 million. That makes her more than 25 times richer than actor Mark Wahlberg, whose wealth is estimated at $37 million. But with that success comes a lot of haters and questions about how she got there—namely, Is Beyonce a good investor? Well, no one can say for sure whether she invests wisely or not; however, we can talk about whether anyone should try to emulate her investing style. The answer? Not necessarily. While Beyonce’s portfolio might have something in common with yours, you shouldn’t blindly follow what she does just because it worked out for her—especially if you’re more conservative or risk-adverse than she is.

And If So, How Would I Start?

Beyonce is probably a great example of how good looks and talent can take you far. Bey signed a record deal when she was only 15 years old, which quickly shot her to fame. She’s been married to Jay-Z since 2008 and together they have a daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, who is just six months old. According to Forbes , Beyonce is worth $115 million while husband Jay-Z holds an estimated net worth of $450 million. With her numerous projects (acting in movies such as Dreamgirls, clothing lines and endorsements with Pepsi) and her amazing skills as an entertainer, it’s clear that money doesn’t seem to be an issue for Queen Bey.