Diet Advice For Diabetics

Diet Advice For Diabetics

Many of us have misconceptions about the diet of diabetics. It is very important to follow the rules and regulations in their life and eating habits. Many people have misconceptions about food.Today we will discuss about the standard food list and diet chart for diabetics.


Diabetes is a disease that is largely dependent on our eating habits. It is known that people with diabetes are more likely to have heart problems, mental illnesses, such as depression, than non-diabetics.

But in most cases, type-2 diabetes (so that insulin is not required, only medication is given) is controllable and in some cases curable. Diabetes prevention – not that you should abstain from all kinds of foods or that you should not eat fun foods, it means that all foods can be eaten, but in moderation, so that your mood and energy balance.

For diabetics, sugary foods are harmful because they raise blood glucose levels, so you need to reduce sugary foods in your diet. Some sugary foods can quickly raise blood glucose levels, such as sugar, sweets, overcooked rice, wholemeal bread, they need to be eaten less.

Red rice (with bran), wheat flour bread (with bran), vegetables, nuts, boots and pulses gradually increase blood glucose levels so these foods should be eaten more. However, calories must be accounted for.

For diabetics, 20% of total calories will come from meat, 30% will come from fat and 50% will come from sugar. Here is a sample diet chart or food menu of 1600 kcal requirement for a diabetic patient.

Let’s take a closer look at the diet chart and diet list of diabetics.


Breakfast for diabetics patient’s :

It is very important to have fruit for breakfast. The fruit fills the lack of calories in the body without any harm. Banana, apple, orange, malt, strawberry, these fruits are very beneficial for health.

Sour yogurt: For breakfast, you can add tokadai or leaf yogurt without sugar to the fat free house. It increases digestion and makes up for the lack of calcium in the body.

Eggs and sugar free brown bread: Fry an egg in olive oil with tomatoes and onions. Take with you fat free cheese and sugar free brown bread.

Mixed breakfast: Can be eaten mixed with fat free tocai, mixed dry fruits, nuts, wall nuts, cornflakes. It is nutritious and beneficial.

Oatsmill: Make a mixture of cooked oatmeal, nuts, cinnamon and sugar instead of sugar for dessert. Then you can eat it with low fat milk.

If you are in a hurry to get cornflakes and cream cheese, you can mix light cream cheese with cornflakes and eat it with milk. There will be a quick breakfast and diabetes will be under control.


Diabetes patient’s lunch:

Salad: A salad with a variety of vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, lettuce leaf, parsley leaf, carrot must be included in the daily menu.

Fish or meat: Put a piece of fish or meat on the food list. But do not eat red meat at all. The chicken can have one or two pieces and any fish. Rice should not be eaten. And even if you play, measure not more than one cup.

Fruits: You can eat some light fruits after meals. This will keep the body fresh.Vegetables and pulses A variety of pulses and vegetables should be included in the food list. But not with too much spice. Lunch can include red spinach, spinach, spinach, etc.


Afternoon snack for diabetics patient:

Patients with diabetes should have some light snacks after a while. For example, biscuits, bread, turnips, etc. without sugar. So some light food can be kept for breakfast in the afternoon.

Tea: Green tea or spicy tea can be eaten without sugar. With biscuits, wrappers or toast.

Pudding: You can eat carrot or semolina pudding with cal free. Boot pudding is also quite healthy.

Make different fruit juices without sugar at home.


Dinner for diabetics patients:

Dinner is rice or flour bread: Eating rice at night is absolutely not recommended for diabetic patients. So 3 to 4 loaves of rice, wheat or flour are enough for the night.

Vegetables: Light vegetables can be eaten with bread at night. There is no need to eat fruit if you have stomach gas problem. It is better not to eat meat at night. One piece of fish can be eaten.

In addition to eating healthy food regularly, you need to drink plenty of water and walk every day. Medications and doctor’s advice should be followed with some light exercise.

Never eat high sugar foods, high fat fried foods, sweet drinks, trans fat foods, animal fats, refined or shiny white flour foods, honey or syrup foods, sweet dried fruits and processed snack foods.


Diabetic patients should eat more fibrous foods such as pulses, vegetables, vegetables, shredded rice, wheat flour bread, pickles. This is because fiber helps control blood glucose levels and lowers the levels of harmful lipids and cholesterol in the body.

Juicy fruits like mango, jackfruit, banana, litchi, grape, watermelon, papaya, pineapple should be eaten in limited quantities as they contain high amount of sugar. As a result, sugar is low. The list of beneficial fruits for diabetic patients will include lemon, mango, green apple, batabi lemon. Below this list will be banana, mango, jackfruit etc. The two fruits on the list of evildoers are kamaranga and grapes.

The amount of vegetable fat should be increased by reducing the amount of animal fat. Eat less saturated fats like ghee, butter, fat dalda, fatty meats etc. Instead, unsaturated fats such as vegetable oil, soybean oil, mustard oil and fish should be eaten. Egg yolks are high in cholesterol and should be eaten sparingly.

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