How Much Is Donald Trump Worth?

 How Much Is Donald Trump Worth?

Ever wondered how much net worth the President of the United States has? What about other political figures? With so many world leaders, it can be difficult to figure out where they stand financially. We took the time to put together this list of how much net worth the top politicians around the world have, and we’re sure you’ll be surprised by some of these findings!

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Breaking down Trumps wealth

With a net worth of roughly $3.5 billion, Donald Trump is one of the richest people to ever run for president. With fame and notoriety comes controversy, though—some politicians have accused him of being worth much less than he claims. His taxes have also come under fire during his presidential campaign. So how exactly did he earn his fortune and how much is he actually worth? We’ve broken down some of those answers here so you can see where (and how) his money comes from.

Where did Trumps wealth come from?

The Trump family has been rich for generations, going back to The Donald’s father, Fred, who built and sold a multimillion-dollar real estate empire in New York City. Today’s president also earns money from hotels and golf courses around the world. In all, he pulled in more than $37 million from his business ventures between January 2016 and April 2017—and that doesn’t include what he collects from his various book deals or his $130,000 annual salary as president. Trump is wealthy beyond imagination, says Kenneth Gross, a political law attorney at Skadden Arps. Asking how much someone is worth is sort of like asking how much someone weighs.

What Donald Trump Net Worth

You may have heard that Republican presidential hopeful and real estate mogul Donald Trump’s net worth is $8.7 billion. In reality, he’s not a billionaire, according to a new analysis of his finances. Fortune reports that after analyzing 30 years’ worth of public records, financial disclosures and business filings for Trump and his businesses with experts on securities law and taxes, it determined he has a net worth between $150 million and $250 million. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index currently pegs him at just under $2 billion, which means he’s wealthier than roughly 93 percent of Americans but not as rich as you might think. Why do we think he’s lying about his net worth?

A complete history of Trumps bankruptcies

Donald Trump has a long history of starting businesses and declaring bankruptcy. In fact, no major US company has gone through more bankruptcies than his casino empire. He’s gone through six companies total. According to Bloomberg, he’s personally $1.17 billion in debt, which makes it difficult for him to obtain loans from banks because lenders are wary of getting involved with someone who goes bankrupt so often. This can cause problems when you’re running for president and you need money for advertising or campaign stops across the country. It doesn’t seem to hurt him as much financially, though; he lives in one of his NYC luxury apartments even though it’s part of a building that has filed bankruptcy four times (yes, four). So what does The Donald have going for him in 2016?

Trump isn’t afraid to spend money

He’s had a luxurious lifestyle and he’s got more cars than he knows what to do with. In his most recent declaration of wealth, he estimated his net worth at $8.7 billion, although that number is certainly debatable. Still, there’s no denying that as president, he will make a pretty penny in salary alone (about $400K per year). So how does Trump’s net worth compare to other politicians? For example: Hillary Clinton’s net worth is roughly 30 times smaller than Trumps’ (at about $30 million) and George W Bush made nearly 100 times less ($10 million) than The Donald.

What would happen if Trump were serious about paying off national debt

Imagine for a moment that Donald Trump’s bold claims about paying off America’s national debt were more than just campaign rhetoric. What would happen if he actually tried to make good on his promise to clear $19 trillion from Uncle Sam’s credit card in eight years? It’s possible that life would go on pretty much as usual, at least initially. There are trillions of dollars held by federal agencies, including Social Security and Medicare—so-called intra-governmental holdings—that are off-limits to fiscal tinkering.

3 wildest theories on why he doesn’t release his tax returns

We’ve known for a while that 2016 presidential hopeful Donald Trump is unlikely to release his tax returns. We still don’t know why. But we do have some great theories: In May, Trump told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos he will absolutely release his tax returns. The next day, he appeared on CNBC and told Becky Quick that he’d already released his financials. When Quick corrected him and said he hadn’t released any information at all, Trump continued to insist it was already out there.

How much is trump worth in comparison to other US presidents.

At 70 years old, President Donald Trump is one of America’s richest presidents. According to Forbes, he’s been worth as much as $3.5 billion and as little as $1 billion in his lifetime. It is estimated that he’s currently worth around $3.1 billion. At least that’s what he said on his campaign filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). All told, at current estimates, he falls somewhere between Ronald Reagan and John F Kennedy when it comes to net worth – not bad for a first-time politician who has never held elected office before. But how does that compare to other American presidents throughout history? This is how much each president was worth when they were sworn into office…