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Meena Nambi, an Indian citizen, is well-known for being the wife of Indian aerospace engineer Nambi Narayanan and for providing for her family in a highly supportive manner.


When her husband was detained and suspected of being a spy, she was there to witness the dramatic turn of events. His wife stood by him when he was imprisoned for a few days and arrested.


The media also said that she used to go to temples to pray for her husband to receive justice when he was detained but that some temples would not let her enter because of her husband’s arrest.

Meena Nambi Bio

Real name

Meenakshi Ammal

Other names

Meena Narayanan




Being the wife of Indian aerospace engineer Nambi Narayanan

Eye Colour


Hair Colour

Salt and Pepper


Not Known




Meena Nambi Husband

Meena’s husband is Nambi Narayanan. He is an accomplished aeronautical engineer who formerly worked for the ISRO. He was a fantastic engineer who oversaw the creation of quite a few things.




Meena and Nambi were already engaged and had two children before the most challenging period of their life began. Nambi’s entire family was subjected to a significant deal of hate because of the outrageous claims he gave Pakistani rocket plans stolen from the ISRO.


She constantly stood by her spouse while he was in pain and stood by her side throughout the entire inconsistency. Because she was confident that he was a devoted patriot who would never do anything to hurt his nation, she never once questioned him.


Meena was reputed to be a devout worshipper who frequently visited the temple. Meena was considered a devout follower of God who regularly visited the temple. When Nambi once went to a temple, the priest refused to offer her prasadam because of the gossip that was going around.

Meena Nambi informed him that she wouldn’t be returning to the shrine when she got home.


During Nambi’s detention due to accusations against him, Meena and her two children remained at home, and the few neighbors who backed them in their struggle against the system and believed in Nambi watched over their safety.


Meena Nambi family

Even though she has many siblings, the media only knows the name of one of them, Usha. It is well known that she has eleven further siblings named Usha . Meena’s father, Ramaswamy, is undocumented, and neither the mother nor Ramaswamy is mentioned.


Marital Status


Marriage Date

8 September 1967




Nambi Narayanan


Sankara Kumar Narayana


Geetha Arunan

Meena Nambi Children

She and her husband are parents to Sankara Kumar Narayanan, a businessman, and Geetha Arunan, a teacher who works in a Bangalore Montessori school.



Meena Nambi, an Indian-born woman, is well-known for marrying Nambi Narayanan, an Indian aerospace engineer.


Meena supported Nambi at the most challenging period of his life when, in 1994, he was falsely charged with being an undercover agent and accused of providing Pakistan with classified documents, leading to a 50-day detention.


Nambi asserted that Meena suffered greatly due to the public’s perception of him as a traitor who had betrayed his country following his detention. He went on,


People coming to our home and burning my effigy, calling me names, and chanting slogans caused a lot of hardship for my family. My children would get agitated and begin to argue. However, my wife lost her voice and started to feel depressed.


While in jail, Nambi reports that Meena was forced out of an auto rickshaw in the pouring rain because the driver recognized her after learning of her name.

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The 2022 film rocketry: The Nambi Effect starred Simran as Meena.


Simran plays Meena in the feature film “Rocketry The Nambi Effect.” The trailer showed how Meena was made fun of at a wedding, how her daughter had to wait on the road as dung was thrown in her face, and how her child had been physically abused while her husband, Nambi, was in jail.


Meena Nambi Net worth


Since her spouse takes care of her, no one knows.

FAQ About Meena Nambi


Meena Nambi, an Indian native, is well known for being married to Nambi Narayanan, an Indian aerospace engineer.


Meena pursues Hinduism culture.



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