North Korea Military 2022

North Korea Military

North Korea often threatens to bomb and destroy the United States. Because the country owns the atomic bomb. The country has ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear bombs. With these missiles, he is able to conduct strikes all over the United States.

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North Korea continues to test missiles and atomic bombs one after another. As a result, many see North Korea as a major threat to the world, including regional peace and stability. The whole world is forced to pay attention to North Korea after conducting a test of a nuclear bomb with a terrifying power in 2016. The United States has been forced to hold talks with North Korea over a series of powerful missile and atomic bomb tests and threats. Amid rising tensions between the two countries, US President Donald Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in 2019.

 On November 16, 2016, Kim stopped testing the atomic bomb as part of an effort to normalize relations with North Korea and the United States. In June 2016, US President Donald Trump met with Kim Jong Un in Singapore. The meeting sparked global optimism, but ended abruptly at the Hanoi meeting in Vietnam in February 2019. Because the two leaders failed to reach an agreement on lifting the blockade on North Korea and preventing nuclear proliferation. North Korea resumed arms tests in May 2019. This time the country launched ballistic missiles from submarines. Discussions and progress in this regard have been stopped since then.

North Korea’s armed forces are made up of ground, naval, and air forces. South Korea and the United States are the main enemies. Strategic Rocket Force, also known as Missile Guidance Bureau. The force works with conventional nuclear and tactical missiles. This force is equipped with surface-to-surface missiles. On the other hand, the Special Operations Force is the Elite Force. According to the data of Global Fire Power, the total population of the country is 253 million. The total number of troops is 16 lakh 60 thousand. Of these, 12 lakh 60 thousand are active. Reserve 6 lakh.

The number of North Korean paramilitary or paramilitary troops is 57.59 million. North Korea has the largest number of paramilitaries in the world. About 25 percent of the population is paramilitary. The North Korean paramilitary force is called the Worker-Peasant Red Guard.

According to the US State Department, the world’s poorest country spends about one-fourth of its GDP on the military.

One of the reasons North Korea’s armed forces are considered strong and formidable is that many of their formidable weapons are largely self-invented. North Korea and the United States are located on both sides of the North Pacific Ocean. The distance between the two countries is 10,038 kilometers or 6,442 miles. And North Korea has developed a missile capable of hitting the mainland of the United States. Many are surprised at North Korea’s successive powerful missile inventions and successful tests. According to many, Russia and China may have a hand in this.

What motivates North Korea to become militarily strong is self-reliance and military-first politics. The total number of aircraft and helicopters in the North Korean Air Force is 949. Of these, 458 are warplanes. Helicopters 204 179 training aircraft. The total number of warships in the navy is 984. 63 submarines. 11 frigates. 418 patrol warships. They have no aircraft carriers or destroyers. North Korea has 8,045 tanks in the ground forces. Arranged 10 thousand. 2,110 rocket projectors. The country also has a lot of heavy artillery guns, anti-aircraft guns.

North Korea possesses nuclear bomb The country is thought to have 20 to 30 nuclear bombs. In addition, the country has a stockpile of more than 70 atomic bomb-making materials. However, according to US intelligence, North Korea has 30 to 60 nuclear bombs in its possession. The test of the atomic bomb carried out by North Korea on September 3, 2016 is estimated to be 100 to 350 kilotons. A 100-kiloton bomb is six times more powerful than a Hiroshiya bomb. North Korea claims it is testing its first thermonuclear or hydrogen bomb. The U.S. Geological Survey recorded a magnitude 6.3 earthquake near the test site during the bomb test. North Korea has said it planted the bomb on a ballistic missile.

North Korea possesses ballistic missiles. Its name is Hasang 15. The missile can hit targets at a distance of 6,100 miles. The goal is to strike at all parts of the United States. The United States and France, allies of the United States, are also under the missile. These missiles are capable of carrying atomic bombs. North Korea has made this missile.

North Korea has built a total of 40 Hosang 15 intercontinental ballistic missiles. It is capable of carrying a bomb weighing 150 kg.

Although North Korea possesses a very powerful atomic bomb, it is doubtful whether it will be able to carry its ballistic missile Hosang 15. However, US intelligence estimates that the missile could carry a low-powered nuclear bomb. But many say it is only a matter of time for North Korea to overcome it.

North Korea owns a large number of submarines. According to the data of Global Fire Power, this number is 6. North Korean submarines have the capability to launch ballistic missiles. There are Synpo class ballistic missile submarines. This submarine can launch missiles carrying atomic bombs. Their smallest submarine also has the ability to launch torpedoes. In 2016, North Korea successfully tested the first powerful missile from a submarine that worried the United States.

North Korea’s long-held dream is to develop a missile that could strike anywhere in the United States. And that will be through the KN-6 missile. North Korea’s KN-07 missile invention has elevated it to the same level of missile technology as the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France and China. Its maximum target is considered to be 10 thousand kilometers. It is scheduled to be deployed this year. Hsong is North Korea’s first missile capable of hitting targets up to 10,000 kilometers away. As a result, New York City in the United States came under attack from North Korea for the first time with the invention of this missile.

North Korea’s KN-7 missile is a surface-to-air missile. It is North Korea’s most powerful air defense system. The missile, invented by North Korea, looks like a Russian S-300 missile. The medium-range ballistic missile is another powerful North Korean missile.

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