Potplayer always on top 2022

Potplayer always on top

If you want to keep Daum Potplayer on top all the time, it will not be visible by default until it is activated. A convenient feature to always keep at the top, which puts the media player on top of other applications and you can keep it on top of the work of other applications. Daum Potplayer can always be set at the top or top only during audio / video playback. Here’s how to put PotPlayer on top of other apps. You can easily setup this feature by following the simple steps mentioned above.

Potplayer always on top

Steps to set Daum pot player always on top

1. First you have to open the daum pot player.

2. Open a video or audio in the second daum pot player, put the mouse cursor on it and right click the Mise option.

3. If you keep the mouse cursor in the Mise option, the stay on top option will come up.

4. When the stay on top option is gone, if you put the mouse cursor there, it will always go away and if you always select it, the daum pot player will always be on top option.

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I have shown you the easiest way. I hope you have managed the settings well. Everyone will be fine. Thank u..

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