Royal Canin Kitten Food

Royal Canin Kitten Food

Losing your kitten’s baby teeth can be one of the most difficult parts of raising a kitten, but Royal Canin has created an answer to this problem with its Kitten formula! Royal Canin Kitten Food contains special growth ingredients that support your kitten’s natural development and help ensure the best possible outcome when it comes to losing those baby teeth and growing new adult ones in their place. Their formula also helps to strengthen your kitten’s overall health and vitality, which means you can rest easy knowing your little one will have everything he or she needs to be as healthy as possible.


Best kitten foods

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re deciding on which brand of kitten food is best for your cat. First, kitten food comes in two different forms: dry and wet. Most kitties, especially those just starting out, will prefer canned food to dry—but it may be helpful to offer both at first until your cat picks a favorite.

How much to feed your kitten

To figure out how much to feed your kitten, it’s important to know her age and weight. To keep your cat healthy, she should weigh two pounds for every one year of life; take away 10 percent for every six months under a year old (that is, a five-month-old kitten should weigh half a pound). This comes out to be roughly four calories per pound each day. A smaller cat with less muscle mass can eat closer to 3,000 calories daily and an older or more active cat will need up to 5,000. As you monitor your pet’s eating habits and physical condition you’ll get a feel for how much is right for her. If you’re still unsure about anything here just ask your vet!

Best kitten brands

The best kitten food brands include Royal Canin and Purina. If you’re having trouble keeping your kitten well-fed, one of these two brands might be just what you need to keep them at a healthy weight. These are both premium-quality brands that have proven themselves time and again. And there are plenty of tasty varieties to choose from for each brand, so you should never have a problem finding something to put on your kitten’s plate! If you decide to go with Royal Canin or Purina, chances are good that your feline friend will develop into a happy and healthy adult cat down the road.

Quality ingredients

As kittens grow they need plenty of quality protein in their diet, something Royal Canin’s formula is very good at providing. Made with real chicken, it also provides Taurine and Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) to support a healthy urinary tract and promote healthy digestion. This high-quality ingredient list makes for a highly nutritious food that will help your kitten develop into a happy and active adult cat. In addition to being great for your kitten now, you can be confident knowing it will continue to provide her with everything she needs as she grows up.

Best wet cat food brands

Every time you feed your pet a meal, it makes her pee and poop. Like any other living creature, these body functions are largely about getting rid of waste and excess fluid; in cats’ case, that waste product is composed mostly of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium—minerals that come from protein. Many pet food makers supplement their commercial formulas with extra protein to meet high-quality standards set by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). Unfortunately, that can create problems because most kitties aren’t lactose intolerant like humans are; they’re carnivores who need ample amounts of animal protein to thrive.

Diet and nutrition guide

As your kitten grows, you’ll notice that they begin to develop different dietary needs from your adult cat. For instance, at 8 weeks old, your kitten should be given meat-based kitten food instead of an adult diet. Although there are some exceptions depending on if you have a mixed-breed or not, these are general guidelines for determining what kind of diet is best for your kitten. Your veterinarian can help advise you on which diet is best for your particular situation and give recommendations based on age and breed. Finally, don’t forget about Kitty litter 101: Ensuring that kitty has a clean bathroom space to do their business in is essential to their health and well-being.