The Best Quotes About Love

Love Quotes

How do you explain love? This emotion can be so powerful that it makes you feel like you’re on top of the world, but it can also be confusing and painful. This collection of the best quotes about love from famous people, poets, and historical figures will inspire and inform you as you navigate the ups and downs of this deeply-felt emotion.

Quotes About Love


Long Distance

While it may seem daunting, long distance relationships can be incredibly rewarding. It’s common for them to be on-again, off-again, which is when technology comes in handy. Don’t miss out on all that you and your significant other could be sharing because of an ocean between you—following up with each other through Skype or a messenger app like WhatsApp can ensure that your relationship doesn’t fall apart from boredom or negligence. When a long distance relationship ends, couples often realize how much they missed during their times apart and how much closer they were than ever before. Here are some of our favorite quotes about love

Falling in Love

Some people believe that a person is either born with a good or bad love sac. This isn’t true. We develop our capacity for love over time and through experience—and our faults or baggage can cause trouble in romantic relationships if they aren’t addressed. Learning how to fall in love again helps us learn how to put ourselves out there, face rejection, forgive others and most importantly, forgive ourselves. When we do so, we open ourselves up to relationships that don’t just provide intimacy but other important benefits like mutual support and shared experiences.

Being Alone

Though you might assume that being alone isn’t a characteristic of great love stories, think again. Research suggests that spending some time by yourself before entering into a relationship may actually lead to stronger bonds later on. A University of Rochester study found that participants who were rejected when they asked someone out (and subsequently tried again) tended to have longer relationships than those who didn’t have an initial rejection experience. Why? Spending time apart can help you clarify your goals and what it is you really want in a partner—and how long you’re willing to wait for them—rather than going into a relationship blind and ending up with someone who doesn’t match up with your expectations.