Top 10 Teacher Gift Ideas

Teacher Gift Ideas

The best gifts for teachers aren’t always easy to find. No matter how hard you try, it can be tough to come up with gift ideas that not only make your teacher happy, but are also something they’ll really use and appreciate. Here are 10 great gift ideas that any teacher will love, even if they’re notoriously difficult to shop for.

Gifts for Teachers Ideas


#1 – Aromatherapy Diffuser

Give your teacher a gift that will help him or her relax and unwind, like an aromatherapy diffuser. Aromatherapy works by releasing scents into the air to alleviate anxiety, stress, and depression. The scents that do this are usually calming like lavender or eucalyptus—ideal for busy teachers! Not only does aromatherapy help calm down your teacher, but it also helps heal some of their physical ailments. Do you know a teacher who has shoulder pain? Lavender can ease shoulder tension by improving blood flow to tense muscles, reducing pain. Similarly, eucalyptus is known to treat colds and coughs as well as decrease breathing rate which helps students sleep better at night!

#2 – Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Teachers can often benefit from a more natural approach to their day. Aromatherapy is an easy way to replace harsh chemicals with something more soothing. Peppermint oil, in particular, can help teachers recover after a long day and feel refreshed upon waking up. For aromatherapy, it’s important to find high-quality essential oils that don’t contain any contaminants or harmful fragrances. Just make sure you avoid anything labeled fragrance as those are usually filled with chemicals and additives. Also check out (affiliate link) Amazon for a great selection of essential oils at affordable prices—I recommend ordering a 3-pack to test them out before committing to buying larger bottles!

#3 – Scented Candles

Teachers spend a lot of time in their classrooms—both during school hours and throughout their planning periods. Having scented candles at your disposal to create a pleasant smell for students and teachers alike is always nice, especially if you can find one that aligns with your teacher’s interest! Candles make for excellent gifts because they appeal to almost anyone, but also because it’s something your teacher might not buy themselves—especially if it’s something that isn’t on sale. Bonus points if you throw in some fresh flowers or a box of chocolates to really sweeten the deal.

Teachers Gifts

#4 – Grilling Tools

Give your favorite educator a gift that they’ll use all year long: The ThermoWorks Thermapen ($79). Barbecue tools can range from cheap to extremely pricey, but I wouldn’t buy anything in-between. The Thermapen is an expensive but essential tool for any griller or barbecue aficionado (pro tip: use code THERMOSTORE at checkout to save 20% off). It’s a laser thermometer, so it makes instant temperature readings incredibly easy. And it reads temperature in just seconds (Fahrenheit or Celsius) which means you don’t have to wait around like with those instant read meat thermometers.

#5 – Board Games

As teachers, board games are often a special treat for our students. While you may think that creating your own board game would be complicated, it can actually be as simple as printing out graphics from Google Images and then pasting them on a regular box. All you need to do is create a scoring system and give each piece an instruction (do something physical like hop or clap). The beauty of creating your own board game is that once you’ve created it, you can play it with any group of people! #4 – Education-themed Planner: If there’s one thing I can say about teachers, it’s that they love planners!

#6 – Monogrammed Stationary

Teachers write notes, letters, and emails almost every day. In addition to a handwritten note or email here and there, many teachers have multiple long-term correspondences with parents each week as well. Having professional monogrammed stationary is a wonderful idea for a teacher gift idea that can also last them throughout their career. There are many companies that provide monogramming services for products like stationary, pens, journals, notebooks, etc. Handing out personalized stationary makes for an especially thoughtful gift when accompanied by a box of their favorite chocolates or other sweet treat!

Ideas for Teacher Gifts

#7 – Bath Products

Bath products are wonderful teacher gifts because most teachers will never splurge on themselves. There are a million options out there, from decadent body washes to all-natural soap bars. Add a few of your favorite scents and you’ve got a gift that any teacher would love to receive! Cozy Blanket: Teachers spend so much time in their classrooms during fall and winter months, it only makes sense to give them something they can use at school or at home. A cozy blanket is perfect for snuggling up with while grading papers or reading a book during free time. Plus, blankets can be personalized with their name embroidered across one corner for an extra special touch!

#8 – Planner

Your favorite teacher probably has tons of responsibilities to juggle every day. Organize her schedule and make her life a little easier with a high-quality planner. It’s practical, and it will make your teacher smile every time she sees it. Also, you can go ahead and cross one more gift idea off your list! 

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#9 – Jewelry

A piece of jewelry, like a necklace or bracelet, can make an awesome gift for teachers. It shows that you care about her personal style and think she’s beautiful, even when she’s covered in chalk dust! If you don’t know anything about jewelry or if she seems like a more traditional type of person, you can find inexpensive pieces from your local mall or online. Here are some gift ideas for teachers that would look great with any outfit dainty bracelets, elegant necklaces, earrings and rings. Even something as simple as a pretty watch could be very meaningful to her! Jewelry is also extremely versatile; it looks good on all types of women no matter what their age or body shape. And if you get something personalized (like initial earrings), it will show that you took time to put thought into your gift. 

#10 – Laptop Case

This fun gift combines practicality with a fun look. A laptop case will make your teacher’s life easier and adds a bit of style to their work day. You can find great laptop cases in lots of colors at any big box office supply store. #9 – Books: Teachers love books! Pick out some of their favorite authors or genres, or get them something new they haven’t read yet. It doesn’t have to be an expensive book either, just something that you know they would enjoy reading!